Please check Schoology for information on classes and assignments.



Expectation #1: Students will leave cell phones in their locker between the hours of 7:50 - 3:15. 

Expectation #2: Students will respect people, property, and personal space.  

Rule Violation: Arguing, back-talking, ignoring, and/or saying no, touching others, breaking property or supplies, failure to respect someone’s locker space, intimidation, throwing objects, engaging in deliberate acts to annoy/tease/provoke/bother peers, teasing, taunting, put-downs, profanity, or name calling. 

Extreme Rule Violation: Loud, hostile language, fighting, cheating, theft, vandalism, lying, destruction of property, bullying, sexual harassment. 

Expectation #3: Students will transition respectfully, be on time, and use a hall pass if leaving class. 

Rule Violation: rough housing, yelling, throwing items, loitering, walking friends to classes, running in the hall, don’t waste time in the restroom .
Extreme Rule Violation: Physical aggression, excessive tardiness.



  • Shorts, skirts, holes in jeans must be longer than the end of the student’s palm when arms are extended. Volleyball shorts are not allowed.
  • Shirts must have straps that are at least as wide as your student ID.
  • Images on clothing shall be free from images of drugs, alcohol, violence, guns, gang wear, or sexual suggestions.
  • Clothing which allows visible cleavage or midriff is not allowed.
  • Hats are only allowed indoors on spirit “hat” days.
  • Pajama pants are not allowed. Please dress for success.